In a post to social media on Saturday a local restaurant was so touched by a sister of the bride who was surprising her sister and soon to be brother in law with a portion of what would have been their wedding meal, they filled up the rest of the car with what the couple would have been eating on their special day.

According to Pizzeria 201, the restaurant was "so touched by Brenda’s thoughtfulness toward her sister, that we loaded Brenda’s car up with the other pasta, the salads, slices of bread, and Tiramisu that Sara & Erik were supposed to be eating alongside their wedding guests tonight."

What's equally impressive is that the bride's sister from Chatfield, drove the 100 miles to Montgomery for some Mac 'N' Cheese, and then was going to drive another 100 miles up to Isanti to deliver it. Talk about dedication!

It's things like this that give me hope and something to smile about during a time where we don't have a whole lot to smile about.

Be safe out there, wash you hands, and social distance yourselves.

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