Facebook says LOL is dead. DEAD!  Gone. Shuffled off this earth and joined the invisible choir. It is an EX thing. Well, maybe not totally, but it has a few broken legs, a misplaced clavicle, pneumonia, and is up to smoking 10 packs a day. If LOL isn't dead, it's working on it...hard!

In this study, people turned out to be using "Ha" or "haha" the most. Laughing emojis are second and LOL is so far down the list, a search party was sent out to find it and gave up when they noticed a really nice coffee shop where the owner air-roasts the beans, and they have really good coffee cake, and really, should we be searching for something that doesn't want to be found? Am I right? Exactly! So let's order an Americano, some of that blackberry coffee cake sounds good Sarah...is it Sarah? Oh they call you Speedy? Well, you're just too funny. And I love that shirt. Everyone, why don't we sit over there, and Marvin, you tell us about how you're getting on with that waitress. She is just a doll*.

Why is LOL dying? I'll tell you why. And I'll do it without any fancy research or graphs or charts (pie or otherwise...man, I could really go for some apple pie...).  I'm going to go right ahead and tell you why LOL is dying based, and my facts, backed up only by decades of being sure I'm right about a whole lotta things. Like that one time I thought it was going to rain? Remember that? And it rained, didn't it.

OK, NOW I'm really going to tell you why it's dying. LOL is dull. It doesn't say enough. We're expressive people and we need to express! Plus, how many people that type LOL are really LOLing? At best they're grinning. Which leads me to the solution for the death of LOL. First, let it happen. LOL deserves to go the way of According to Jim. Second, I've come up with a list of acronyms perfect for most situations AND it's SO easy to add your own!

GOL for Guffaw out loud.

GigOL for giggle out loud.

SnickOL for snickering out loud.

ChuckOL for chuckling out loud.

SiOL for sighing out loud.

STFDOL! Shut the front door out loud.

What would you add? *There really is a coffee shop like this. Here.