Oh, good...looking at that map, I can see we're totally in the clear, rain/storm wise. But seriously, when'll it come in and how much?

They say their still looking at the details, but the National Weather Service La Crosse  says we're likely to get the rain and thunderstorms after 7PM, tho maybe some rain pops in around 5pm, just to say hi, I suppose.

Like a bad boyfriend. A pop in.

And it'll be moving northwest to southeast. The storms, as usual, could bring damaging winds, large hail, brief torrential downpours and frequent lightning. An isolated tornado is also possible. Total rainfall for our area is expected to be one to two inches.

I s'pose it all could happen, but there's nothing big planned for tonight, is there? The Fourth is over, we're all tired out from a great weekend of weather that kept us outside and having a blast.