Saturday was a HUGE day. The day I tried to win the Scotch Egg Eating Contest and the day I ran into a guy who lost his wedding ring after leaving the Northstar bar. I found his wife...does she believe his story? What weird thing does he want instead of a replacement ring?

First, have you ever had a scotch egg? They're awesome.

Y-105FM at Whistle Binkies Anniversatry 14

A big hard cooked egg, wrapped in ground sausage, then deep fried. They are nothing short of amazing. AND they only have, oh...two calories or so. That's why I entered the Scotch Egg Eating Contest at Whistle Binkies, because I knew it was a healthy eating event.

SO healthy. And I loved it!

But I lost. Hard. We each started with 8 eggs, and I was only able to get down seven in five minutes. I think the winner at 12 or some equally impossible for me to comprehend number of eggs. Whoa.Like Cool Hand Luke this guy was.

I felt OK, but man...eggs have a way of fillin' you up in ways you didn't know existed. Can I get an AMEN?

I also ran into a couple, an awesome couple. Trent and Nicole. The Dernbachs. They'd been at the Whistle Binkies Pub Crawl, too...and Trent lost his wedding ring (sometime after he left the Northstar). With his wife in the house, I hadda'd you feel about that? Did you believe his story?

She did...but that's not the big surprise. The surprise is what he wanted to replace it with. HINT: It wasn't another wedding ring.

Here are all the pics from Saturday.

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