A new reality series is putting a unique twist on dating shows by placing 14 "unlucky in love" singles in the wild as they look for love.

Love in the Jungle brings together a group of singles to engage in mating rituals based on the animal kingdom — meaning all their interactions must be without verbal communication.

The hopeful singles will live on a private eco-reserve in Colombia, where they will learn to flirt by competing in physical challenges pulled from the wild in hopes of catching the eye of one of the other participants.

Love in the Jungle will be narrated like a "classic natural history documentary," with a guide offering "observational insight into the singles' animalistic behaviors as if seen for the first time in the wild," People reports.

Watch the trailer for Love in the Jungle here:

"Not talking sucks," one woman declares in the trailer.

Another contestant says, "It was weird, but very sexy and weird," after one of the challenges. "I think this is a new fetish for me."

The group participates in challenges such as the flamingo dance, bonobos smash and a mustache frog battle.

"I guess mating rituals work because I've never been so attracted to Stephan before," one woman states, while another confidently says, "Yeah, I'm gonna take your man. I'm an alpha, I get what I want."

Love in the Jungle premieres on discovery+ May 8.

Now only to find out if Bloodhound Gang will be providing the theme song...

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