Madonna took to the comments section on Tory Lanez's Instagram account to call him out for allegedly sampling her music without permission.

The Queen of Pop left a message for the rapper under a photo of him posing with a dog. Only she wasn't complimenting his throwback lettermen jacket or the precious puppy. Instead, she took him to task for what she deemed "illegal usage" of one of her very recognizable hits.

"Read your messages [f]or illegal usage of my song get into the groove," she wrote.

According to TMZ, the song Madonna is calling Lanez out for is "Pluto's Last Comet," which landed on his new project Alone At Prom. The throwback-inspired track does bear some similarities to "Into The Groove." It's not clear if the musician directly sampled Madonna, but either way it is very apparent that the living legend does not approve.

Check out both songs below and see if you hear the similarities:

Based on her public comment, this may not the first time the "Hollywood" icon had gotten in touch with Lanez. It appears as though Madonna reached out to him via more direct channels (such as his direct messages on the app) but never heard back. Thus she put him on blast where everyone could see.

Check out Lanez's post below:

Madonna's fans rushed to her support in the comments section.

"Give Madonna her coins," one user demanded.

"Clear your samples bro," another recommended. "I knew this sound came from somewhere."

"This whole time I'm thinking Madonna gave him permission to use her song," someone wrote. "These new artists are wild."

Her comment has nearly 3,000 likes at the time of publishing.

Of course, Lanez's fans also came to his defense. While Madonna's demanded she get her check, Lanez's minimized the similarities between the songs and implied she was being dramatic.

Neither Madonna now Lanez's teams responded to requests for comment from Billboard.

This isn't Madonna's first time feuding with a rapper this month. Previously she dragged 50 Cent after he trolled her sexy Instagram account.

Lanez meanwhile has been in the news as he is on trial for allegedly shooting rapper Megan Thee Stallion in 2020.

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