Local authorities have released details about a major drug bust earlier this week in Rochester. Police Captain John Sherwin says a delivery of 8 kilos of methamphetamine was made in the city on Wednesday. A portion of the shipment was picked up by a Twin Cities woman and 23-year-old Leticia Reyes-Ramirez was arraigned Friday in Olmsted County Court on felony drug charges.

The second half of the shipment was to be picked up in the parking lot of the Shoppes on Maine shopping center Wednesday night, but Sherwin says the man driving the car apparently became suspicious and drove off, ramming a police vehicle as he fled.  He led officers on a chase before he crashed west of the Willow Creek Golf Course and was apprehended. 39-year-old Adan Flores-Lagonas of Apple Valley is charged with fleeing police and faces a weapons-related charge. A woman who was with him was also taken into custody, but was later released.

The state BCA was the lead agency in the multi-state case, which may be turned over to federal authorities because of the large amount of drugs involved.