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Safety for our kids is #1 on our priority list as parents.  However, a huge number of parents are failing at one specific thing that could help us save our kids' lives.  According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, "eight out of 10 child safety seats are used incorrectly in Minnesota.".

COVID took a toll on many things in our lives but one thing that many parents were asking about the past few months was where to get their car seats inspected.  Thankfully, those car seat inspection clinics are back on the calendar.

An update on 2021 car seat inspections from the Mayo Clinic Injury Prevention Coordinator:  Thank you for your patience and your dedication to child passenger safety! With COVID-19 safety precautions in place, we are glad to have the car seat inspection clinics scheduled for 2021. We can accommodate a limited number of caregivers and families each month. Currently, a waitlist is in place to honor the order of received requests.
Remember: The car seat manufacturer's instructions and your vehicle owner's manual should always be used as a reference when installing your car seat. - Olmsted County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page


Learn more about getting your appointment scheduled and what is recommended here.

We treasure our kids and their safety, and right now, there are many families in our state that just want their kids to come home safely.  Below are 32 kids that are currently missing in Minnesota.  Take one moment, scroll through the photos, and keep this list handy.  You never know when your eyes might meet theirs and save their life.

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