Worse thing I ever did was lock my keys in the car. I don't recall ever locking myself into a car because I failed to put the seat-belt on properly.

Unfortunately that scenario happened to a guy named Clint. From what I gather, they were going for a test drive in a new vehicle and his wife (or as he calls her "mom") helped buckle him in. Clint claims the seat-belt is defective, but it's pretty obvious that it just wasn't put on correctly.

I read that Clint did eventually get 'unstuck' and he's OK. The video doesn't show how he was rescued but I'm hoping it didn't have to involve the 'Jaws of Life' or anything too dramatic.

My favorite part of the video is when Clint claims he's getting "hydrophobic". I'm not sure what the 'fear of water' has to do with being stuck in a seat-belt but I almost wet myself watching the video.