As you get ready to spend some time with family and friends this Thanksgiving, you can be thankful that none of your relatives are married to a tree.

An actor and activist from Peru recently got married for a second time to a tree.   Richard Torres ‘tied the knot’ with a tree in a Bogota, Columbia national park.  (He takes ‘tree-hugging’ to a whole new level).  Torres says he loves the environment so much that he married the tree hoping to bring attention to environmental man-made problems throughout the world.  His new bride, the tree, even wore a dress.

By the way, this isn’t his first time at the altar.  Last year Torres married another tree in Buenos Aires.  I’m not sure what happened to his first marriage, perhaps that tree decided to 'leave’ him.  Let’s hope the new bride’s ‘bark’ is much worse than its bite and that the second marriage has stronger ‘roots’ should they decide to ‘branch’ out with their own little twigs.

Sadly we don’t have any video of his second ceremony, but the above video shows his first one.  No matter what, this dude has one strange looking ‘family tree’.