Her EPIC FAIL has been called "the last celebrity death" of 2016!

In case you missed it, Mariah Carey had some technical difficulties during her live performance in Times Square during the annual Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve Saturday night.

At first it seemed like the monitors that were supposed to be showing the lyrics to her song were not working. When I heard that it reminded me of something.

Sammy Kershaw @ Cowboys

I was working in Columbus, GA. We gave away tickets for Sammy Kershaw show at a club outside of Atlanta. Our group had seats on the left side of the stage. We were kind of sitting behind him and his band while he was performing. It was a great show. Let me repeat that: it was a great show. But I was kinda disappointed. Mr. Kershaw had monitors on the stage that displayed the lyrics to his songs. It looked like karaoke.

I was kinda surprised and a little disappointed. I'm no rocket-brain surgeon. I kinda wondered how he could not remember the words to his own songs. Okay, maybe he didn't write the songs he sang. But 24/7/365 he's singing the same songs. Isn't that kinda like riding a bicycle? Again, I'm no genius.

It turns out that Mariah's mishap may have been due to a faulty ear piece! She couldn't hear nothin'! 'Cos she couldn't hear nothin', that's why she just wandered around aimlessly, trying not to bump into anything. She was understandably frustrated and maybe a little embarrassed. At least that's what her people are saying.

Instead of a Rockin ' New Year's Eve, it was a shockin' New Year's Eve! Crazy way to ring in 2017!

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