Mayo Clinic is currently ranked number-one in the nation when it comes to medical care, so it shouldn't be a surprise that the Mayo School of Medicine is also top-ranked, and now it's one of the top ten schools in the country. According to the latest rankings from U.S. World and News Report in its 'Best Medical Schools' Rochester's own Mayo Clinic School of Medicine has climbed to be ranked at #6 in the nation. In the 2017 rankings, the school was ranked 17th.

That's quite a jump-- well done, Mayo! According to a release from Mayo Clinic, that climb in rankings is mainly due to changes in the way the list is compiled. The Mayo news release explained it like this:

"Part of the rise for the school is due to changes U.S. News & World Report made to its reporting methodology, adding four new ranking factors to fully capture the funding of research conducted within academic organizations and adjusting reputation factors that could possibly favor larger universities," the release stated.

So, here's a shout-out not only to the faculty that comprises the Mayo School of Medicine but also to those dedicated students-- who pay $49,000 in tuition for the right to earn their MD here in the Med City. (Can you imagine the loans they must have once they graduate?!? Hoo boy!)

And, it's not easy to become a student here, either. The release also noted that Mayo's School of Medicine has an acceptance rate of under 2 percent, (Yikes!) which makes it one of most selective schools in the country.

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