Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede says he would like to see the statue of William and Charlie Mayo returned to the amphitheater in Mayo Park behind the Mayo Civic Center.

The topic was brought up during a discussion about the Mayo Civic Center expansion project during the Rochester Today Show with Andy Brownell Monday morning on KROC-AM.

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The bronze statue, which depicts the famous Mayo brothers standing next to each other wearing surgical gowns, was placed at the entrance to the Mayo Civic Center in the 1980's, but that location will be overrun by the expansion of the facility that got underway this month. There have been plans to place the statue inside the entrance to the expanded Mayo Civic Center when it's completed, but Mayor Brede is indicating he would like to see the artwork returned to its original location.

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For decades, the statue served as the centerpiece of Mayo Park and was situated in the middle of the amphitheater that remains behind the Mayo Civic Center along the Zumbro River. When he first brought up the idea of returning it to the amphitheater, the Mayor says he was told it wasn't practical because the bronze statue had deteriorated and should be on display indoors. Brede now says he's been told by an expert that a coating can be applied that will preserve the artwork and protect it from the elements.

The hour-long show also included discussion of the Destination Medical Center plan, the city's proposed acquisition of the Chateau theater and the possibility of establishing a partner city relationship with Mazatlan Mexico.


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