Say you are in the mood for some ice cream, and you decide to stop at the golden arches for a soft-serve cone or...McFlurry that uses the soft-serve machine. You wait in line at the drive-thru and finally you order your sweet treat only to be told that the ice cream machine is broken/not working. Lame. Well, one guy decided to make a web-based app to track ALL of the McDonald's ice cream machines and let you know whether or not they are working.

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According to Lifehacker a software engineer "reversed the McDonald's ordering system to create an interactive map with restaurant locations and a green dot for a working machine and a red dot for a non-working machine."

The app also crunches the numbers of the working and non-working machines for an overall percentage and a state by state breakdown of what percentage of machines are working in those states.

There is one caveat with the app, the app according to Lifehacker "uses McDonald’s ordering API—reverse-engineered, of course—to query every single McDonald’s in the United States. Assuming a store has correctly indicated that ice cream is unavailable and that its ice cream machine isn’t working." So if McDonald's doesn't code their ordering system the right way to reflect the machine is down, the dot won't reflect the down machine at that location.

How long this site, McBroken is up is anyone's guess, but for now, take advantage of it.

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