How would you like to have the same name as the most famous person on the planet? There's a man in Seattle who carries that burden. His name? Taylor Swift.

A few years ago, when he heard of this up-and-coming young country singer who wrote her own songs, he didn't think much of it. But when she became the world's biggest superstar, things started changing dramatically for Mr. Taylor Swift of Seattle. He had to get a new email account because his taylorswift@gmail account was filled with emails from fans (of the OTHER Taylor Swift). He also had to change the name of his photography website. There's no chance that a Google search of Taylor Swift Photography would send people to HIS site.

You'd think that the hassles of all of this would make Mr. Taylor kind of bitter and angry. But he takes it in stride and has a good outlook on the whole thing. He claims it's even an ego boost when people send him letters that say "you're beautiful" or "you're so talented".

I suppose in the world of celebrity names, there are much worse names to share. For example, you'd have to feel sorry for any man who happens to be named Kim Kardashian.