Ladies are going to love this.  If you've ever struggled with trying to get a man to help you around the house perhaps this little tidbit of info will help. They are not just talking fixing your car or changing the lightbulbs and furnace filters.It is suggested traditional female roles, like doing the dishes, or cooking, cleaning the bathroom, or even laundry really may help your children.  Researchers have linked fathers that share housework with greater future aspirations for their offspring especially daughters.  Dads should help more with the housework!

In the video below, Alyssa Croft at the University of British Columbia explains the study that was performed in more depth.

Father's day is coming up on June, 15th. Father's day was created to compliment Mother's day.  Three weeks ago, I posted about how most people have difficulty telling dad that we love him, which I think is sad. Maybe you are a daddy's girl like myself and understand how awesome your dad is.  Mom is awesome too.  Honestly it is great that we have days to celebrate them both because we do owe are parents more than just our creation, they have so much to teach us, that sometimes we don't even notice until it's too late.  Not every parent is stellar at their role, and not every situation ideal sadly, but, click below to read more about a different study that cites how difficult many find it to tell their dad they love them.