This has been discussed a lot, but I've never seen a kid being overshared speak up. Here's what he put on Reddit, basically asking how to get his mom to respect him.

.Middle schooler here- how do I stop my mom from posting my entire life on Facebook?
This is on a throwaway because my mom knows of my main account.

Ever since I was born, my mom has posted literally every aspect of my life on her Facebook account. Everything. Every baby picture, every “first” moment, every accomplishment and every failure. If we get in a fight, she’s on FB asking for advice.

For the past couple of years I’ve tried to install an “ask me first” policy, but since I don’t have a FB account of my own, this is hard to monitor. I can only really tell when I manage to get into her phone. The last time I did this I saw some.. grade related stuff.

I feel like I have absolutely no privacy. I can’t talk to my own mother for fear she’ll post it on social media. I’m her child, not her dog, and I’d like to be treated as a human being. However, I love her and honestly think she is an awesome mom. This is pretty much the only thing she does that annoys me.

TLDR: My mom didn’t respect my wishes and stop posting personal things about me on Facebook, how do I get her to understand how violated I feel? (SOURCE)

761 comments later and the basic answer is, she should respect your wishes, but unless you're willing to call the cops on your mom, you might just have to live with it, hoping one day she gets it.

There were also variations on HappyJoplin's take...

My cousin posted a lot about her teenage daughters, including drawings they made. The oldest one got fed up with it and started commenting “I asked you not to post this.” on every post. It stopped real quick!

I think she should respect the kid's requests. Not doing it could really push the kid away, and I'm sure the mom doesn't want that.

What do you say?

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