Quick, name your favorite teacher. You'll probably never forget that name, right? And, there's a good chance they haven't forgotten you. Need proof? Here it is.

Not far from us, in Chicago, there is a teacher so dedicated to her students succeeding, she went above and beyond in a way that'll make your heart burst. It started one night when the teacher, LaShonda Carter, couldn't sleep. She was scrolling thru Facebook, found a former student and messaged her, asking how things were going.

Job Seekers Attend Career Fair
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Turns out the former student, Larresha Plummer, needed some help. Five weeks ago months ago she had an adorable baby. She wanted to go to a job fair the next day but had no one to watch the baby.

So, right then and there, our teacher stepped up and changed careers for just one day. She went from teaching to...chauffer and Daycare! She drove Larresha to the job fair, took care of the baby during the fair, and then drove 'em back home. She went live on Facebook and asked other folks to step up and help keep mom and baby on track for the future (scroll down for the FB live video). The first step is done. It looks like Larresha got a job and is planning college in the fall!


I got the story from CBS Chicago's Facebook Page, and a comment struck a home run with me.

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