Barbara Cotton and Curtis Brewer were in love. All through high school in the 1960's they dated. In fact, they never broke up! Curtis went off to college, and Barbara's mother passed away, leaving her to take care fo the family. They just kinda drifted apart.

Then, a few years ago, Barbara got on, found Curtis, and they started messaging immediately! Then they started writing letters. That went on for a couple years, they met up a couple times, and then, finally, he called her and said, "Would you..." and she said "YES!" She didn't even let him get "marry me" out!

They got married in Milwaukee last Saturday. Their honeymoon is going to be a trip around the country in an RV...that may take five to ten years. They have lots of catching up to do. There's a GoFundMe set up to help pay for the RV...just click HERE to help out.

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