In case you've been living under a rock, the one and only Taylor Swift is in the land of 10,000 lakes RIGHT NOW!  Some of us are really excited to see her live.  The rest...well, I have seen enough eye rolls this week to know that everyone isn't a fan...and that is ok.  But, she has done a few incredible things in the last few days that truly are impressive - one involves money and the other involves the name of a town in Minnesota.

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Minneapolis Has Officially Changed On Google to Swiftieapolis

I'm not making this up.  The impact Taylor Swift is having on Minnesota, specifically Minneapolis, is so big that the town has "Swiftieapolis" listed on Google.  I'm not joking.  See it for yourself below or click here to see it on Google.


What is the Building in Minnesota that is Now Called Swiftieapolis?

The building that has been renamed on Google to Swiftieapolis is Minneapolis City Hall.  And to add to the fanfare for the huge superstar, Governor Tim Walz has also proclaimed that June 23rd and 24th are officially Taylor Swift Days in Minnesota.

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Substantial Donation Made by Taylor Swift to Rochester Food Bank

I just had a conversation with Jessica Sund last week with Channel One Regional Food Bank and we were discussing how the need for donations was absolutely necessary right now.  Inflation has taken a toll not only on all of us personally and our own purchases, but the food bank has felt that in a tremendous way.

Rochester is such a weird city where we have so much wealth happening around us and new massive buildings being constructed non-stop but yet we have families struggling to feed their families.  There are moms who are making decisions to go hungry or skip a meal or two just so their kids can eat something.  Feeding people should NOT be a problem in 2023...and yet it is a struggle for many families in Southeast Minnesota.

And somehow, Taylor Swift must have heard about this huge need in the Rochester, Minnesota area and it was reported earlier that a "substantial" donation was made to Channel One Regional Food Bank. 

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