Warning, the following video contains graphic language and images.

Minneapolis Police released body camera footage from the shooting of Amir Locke Wednesday. Minneapolis Police shot Locke while they were serving a search warrant at the address, where Locke was sleeping on the couch. Locke did not live at the address that was being searched.

Minneapolis police were serving a search warrant at the seventh-floor unit of the Bolero Flats Apartment Homes, on the 1100 block of S. Marquette Av., shortly before 7 in the morning on Wednesday, February 2nd in connection with a St. Paul homicide investigation.

The video which runs 55 seconds in length, repeats twice what happened inside the apartment being searched. You can see officers have a key, unlock the door and then yell Search Warrant! while entering the apartment.

Locke, who is on the couch under a blanket possibly sleeping begins to wake up and grabs a gun, which you can see illuminated by one of the officer's lights. As Locke grabs the gun, finger obviously off the trigger, officers open fire on Locke and he slumps to the ground, fatally wounded.

Once Locke hits the ground the video abruptly ends.

According to a news release from the Minneapolis Police Department:

Prior to releasing this video publicly, the City made sure the family of the decedent had the opportunity to review it.

Interim Chief Huffman coordinated the early release of the footage with investigators at the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) without compromising the integrity of their investigation or their ability to collect evidence.

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