A study was done by WalletHub that determined which cities across the country are the best places to travel for Thanksgiving. They ranked the 100 largest cities in the US and St. Paul, Minnesota landed in the top 20.

When I was talking to co-workers about this survey they were a little confused. Why would people go on vacation over Thanksgiving? I'm going to guess that there are people out there who only celebrate with their immediate family and the family wants to travel while also celebrating the holiday.

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WalletHub used 20 different metrics to determine the rankings. Some of those metrics include:

The cost of Thanksgiving dinner.
The number of pumpkins per capita.
The number of Thanksgiving events per capita.
The number of holiday decorations shops per capita.
The giving ratio.
The number of volunteer hours per residents age 16 and older.
The weather forecast around Thanksgiving.

Something I found a little funny is that Minneapolis ranked as one of the 5 cities with the worst weather forecast, but St. Paul didn't... even though they're right next to each other. All well!

After using all of their metrics, WalletHub determined St. Paul to be the 18th best place to travel for Thanksgiving in the country. Minneapolis was way behind at number 68. Probably because of that low weather forecast ranking.

If you're a family who likes to travel over Thanksgiving, you may be interested in the top 10 places to travel over the holiday.

10. Louisville, KY
9. Greensboro, NC
8. Tampa, FL
7. Las Vegas, NV
6. Virginia Beach, VA
5. Raleigh, NC
4. Miami, FL
3. Scottsdale, AZ
2. Orlando, FL
1. Atlanta, GA

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