Okay, trivia time: When it comes to world records across America, what do you think Minnesota has that’s bigger than in any other state?

Lakes? Niceness? Horrendous last-second playoff losses? A mall?

Close! But not really.

According to Estately Blog, who gathered a long list of records from every state, Minnesotans can claim that we have the biggest...

  • Paper Ball
  • Study of Online Gaming Habits
  • Collection of Cow-Related Items (???)
  • Dragon Ball Materials
  • Handbell Ensemble
  • Epilepsy Training Session
  • Pillow Fight
  • Gathering of Zombies
  • Gathering of People Dressed As Wizard Of Oz Characters (random)
  • Wild Rice Farm
  • Collection of Snowmen
  • Hanging At One Gallows (that’s…dark)
  • Picture Made of Lite Brite
  • Basketball Lesson
  • Continuous Pedestrian Skyway Network
  • Gathering of People With Mustaches
  • Hamburger
  • Balloon

I honestly would not have guessed any of that. Would you? That being said, I find myself oddly proud of our mustache gatherings. I had no idea. This is all hilariously random, but I highly recommend checking out the full list of things from every state. Shoutout to Montana and their Testicle Festival. Seriously.



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