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We've been doing those Zoom conference calls for around a year now, but apparently, we really don't like them here in Minnesota.

Zoom meetings and conference calls had been for a while but once the pandemic hit a year ago, their popularity began to skyrocket. Microsoft then quickly introduced their virtual meeting app, Microsoft Teams, early last spring as well, to try to allow us to still communicate with our coworkers while we were all stuck at working from, or just staying, home.

But according to a new online survey from Excel solutions company, Someka.net, we really don't like them here in Minnesota. In fact, their survey found Minnesota hates Zoom and virtual meetings more than any other state.

To arrive at this conclusion, the study looked at how much we were complaining about those online meetings on our socials over the past two months. Specifically, they looked at  "Geotagged Twitter data, tracking tweets, hashtags, and direct keyword phrases about zoom meetings, and other virtual meeting platforms, and the sentiment that goes along with them. For example, phrases like 'I hate virtual meetings,' or 'I hate zoom meetings,' the study noted.

And Minnesota came in first on the list, followed by Utah, Massachusetts, Nebraska, California, Ohio, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland and West Virginia. Meanwhile, over in my home state of Wisconsin, they rank in the middle of the survey, as do the folks down in Iowa.

Courtesy someka.net
Courtesy someka.net

Why do we have such hatred for Zoom conference calls and other virtual meetings? Well, the survey also noted that earlier this year, a different survey rated Minnesota as the State That Missed Working At The Office The Most-- more than any other state. So perhaps that's why.

Or, maybe it's because we just so gosh darn social here in Minnesota, don'tcha know. Or, better yet, I'm guessing it's because working from home and having to use Zoom to stay in touch doesn't let us enjoy all those bars and baked goods our coworkers used to bring into work, right? (As long as we don't take the last piece, of course.)

Speaking of working from home, though, if it bugs you so much that you'd like to just call it quits, keep scrolling to check out some possible new opportunities on this list of the Top 30 Jobs With The Most Openings here in Minnesota!

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