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Even a small act of kindness can have an impact.  But this is a huge act of kindness.  From Edina Magazine / Fox968-year-old Allan Law is a former teacher in Minneapolis.  And since he retired 15 years ago, he's helped thousands of people every single week.

Each night from eight until noon the next day, Allan picks up sandwiches from church groups and charities.  Then he drives around in his minivan, handing them out to homeless people.  And he never misses a day.

The only time he did was last year when he had prostate cancer, and had to have surgery.  But even then, he snuck out of the hospital to do it.  And despite the cancer, he still delivered over 520 THOUSAND sandwiches last year alone.

He also gave away about 2,000 blankets, and 3,000 pairs of socks.  And this year, he's on pace to hand out even more sandwiches . . . about 700,000.

But he only gets three or four hours of sleep a night, and always sleeps in his van.  In fact, he doesn't even own a bed, because his entire apartment is filled with 17 freezers to keep sandwiches in.

Allan says his goal isn't just to feed people though, it's to change their lives.  And aside from the actual food, the thing they need most is to know someone out there cares about them.  Which is why he plans to keep doing it for the rest of his life.