When you dial 9-1-1 because of an emergency, seconds matter.  Unfortunately, some police departments in Minnesota are noticing that some of those priceless moments are being spent trying to find the right property.  Property owners should check their properties immediately and use the list below to ensure that their home can be found fast by emergency personnel when it matters most.

In an emergency, would someone easily be able to find your house number?

The Preston Police Department sent out a reminder on their Facebook page with the following message:

What is your house number?

Emergency crews cannot find you if your house number is not clearly displayed.  In fact, a majority of them are not visible from the street, especially at night.  A badly displayed number can cost you precious time in an emergency.

Tips to make sure your house number can be found in an emergency.

Here are the suggestions shared by Preston Emergency Services and the Preston Police Department that will help make sure your house number can be found easily in an emergency:

  • The number should be posted so that it is visible from both directions of travel.
  • Numbers should be placed above eye level near the front door within a radius of the porch light.


  • Avoid placing numbers away from the front door such as above garage doors.
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  • Trees, bushes, or other debris should not block visibility from the road.
  • If you own commercial or rental property, ensure that the house number is easily visible for all addresses.
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One safety tip that every homeowner should know is...

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