Ever wonder what our state has more of per capita than any other state in the country? Well, you can find out right here. And here's a hint: one of them is in this picture!

A story from the Estately Blog shares a state-by-state breakdown of what each state has more of than any other.

So, what does Minnesota boast to have the most of? Turkeys! That’s right. Evidently, we produce more turkeys in our state than they do in any other state in the country.

What are some of our state’s other claims to fame? According to the story, 15% of Minnesota residents have a boating license, and Minnesota also has the lowest rate of heart attacks. That’s pretty interesting when you consider how much heart attack-inducing stress we put on our hearts schlepping snow around each winter.

We fare pretty well compared to some of our neighbors. Wisconsin can claim more cases of whooping cough than any other state. For Iowa, they have the most “lost chickens” of any state. (Not sure what that means? Check out the explanation in the article!)


A few states might be downright embarrassed by what they have more of than any other state. Kansas, for instance, has the highest per capita number of pornography webpage views. Its neighbor, Missouri, can claim the highest number of meth lab incidents. And Delaware has the highest number of registered sex offenders of any state in the country.

Having the most turkeys in America may seem a little odd, but it sure beats some of the alternatives!