I've heard of animal sanctuaries for barn animals but I didn't even think about the fact that there may be sanctuaries for domestic animals. Turns out, one of the country's only pet sanctuaries is right here in Minnesota and not too far from Rochester, in Stillwater. The place is called Home for Life.

I volunteer at Paws and Claws in Rochester and I know they're really full right now. I'm pretty certain that's the case at many rescues sadly. While Paws and Claws will not resort to euthanasia if an animal is there for a long time, other places sometimes do that. And that's where Home for Life comes in.

Of course, they aren't able to save all animals but Home for Life does what their name suggests. They provide a home for life for animals who have been at a shelter for a long time and will be put down or animals who just aren't fit to be adopted because of a medical reason, etc.

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Their website says they currently have 115 dogs and 85 cats. They have apartments and townhomes that are just for the animals. There are plenty of beds, cat trees for the cats, music is played for the animals 24/7, and there's plenty of space to run around, inside and out. If an animal is sick or doesn't socialize well, there are separate spaces for them, but no animal is ever caged. There's also staff around 24/7.

One of my favorite parts about Home for Life is that you can choose to sponsor a specific animal in their care! It helps pay for the care they require so if you're interested you can meet the animals available to be sponsored.

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