I am definitely one of those stressed people! I hate cooking. I hate prepping. BUT, I love having prepped meals. That's a serious problem. For a while I was actually paying someone to prep my meals - it was amazing. But unless I wanted to pay for meals for the whole family, it wasn't going to work out. The hubby would snag one, and I would still have to cook for the kiddo. Speaking of which - pickiest eater on the planet. If it's not pancakes, hot dogs or mac and cheese, he doesn't want it.

I've done a ton of research on how to hide the veggies for kids, but seriously who has time for that? I have a Pinterest board dedicated to recipes, and I can count the ones I've tried on one hand. Then you hear the "keep it simple, stupid" method, but seriously how boring! Who wants to eat the same thing every day? How do you pull yourself out of that rut?

I know, First World problem, right? But did you know that Minnesota is one of the most stressed states in the country when it comes to meal prep?  A study done by Innit says that more than 60% of Americans are stressed over meal prep! So, obviously, I'm not alone. Are you stressed? Do you food prep? Share your secrets! ;)

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