A few weeks ago, I had a 10-year-old in the studio with me that was there for a specific reason...to tell her story to you.  Before we get to her sitting behind a microphone, I have to point out the obvious: there are ADULTS who come in the studio and freeze up.  Words get mixed up, nerves take over, and this is all normal.  I have ways to get you to relax a bit and I remember some of these nerves the first time I walked into a studio too.  This is all normal and I expect that with everyone that visits me.

Having the confidence to open up and talk about YOU, the real you, takes a lot of guts but Noelle, a 10-year-old, powered through saying line after line of her story and I was so honored to be sitting next to her as she did it.  Right now, the commercial with her voice is on-air on about eight radio stations all over Minnesota.  I'm pretty sure the reason why she accomplished this huge task was because of the story she was there to tell...


Hey there! My name is Noelle.  There was a time when I didn’t have many friends and spent a lot of time at home alone. But then...everything changed.

I was matched with a mentor from Bolder Options!
We met up weekly, took cooking classes, went on bike rides, and I even got to ride a horse! It was amazing!


Jessica On The Radio - Townsquare Media
Noelle - credit: Jessica On The Radio - Townsquare Media

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Noelle is just one of the many kids who has had the opportunity to find friendship, and family, and gain confidence in who she is thanks to a mentor she was paired up with at Bolder Options, a nonprofit that helps make mentoring youth fun and easy...and they are changing lives for the better while they do it!  They are even throwing a fun Tailgate party in Rochester, Minnesota, with some huge athletes stopping by, and inviting you to join them!  I heard autographs will be happening too.  Details are below for this free event!

What is Bolder Options in Minnesota?

Bolder Options kicked off in 1993 after a community needs assessment showed a big gap in mentoring programs in the Twin Cities. Over the years, they’ve really broadened their horizons, bringing their unique mentorship style to new areas including St. Paul and Rochester.

By 2006, Bolder Options was named one of the top charities in the country.  Throughout all its growth, Bolder Options has been recognized as an Expert Partner in mentoring by Mentor Minnesota and the National Mentoring Partnership.

Bolder Options is an innovative organization focused on healthy youth development. The comprehensive mentoring program, wellness activities and leadership opportunities coordinate family, community, school and county resources in a united effort to support youth who are at-risk for dropping out of school or becoming involved in delinquent or unhealthy behaviors. Bolder Options engages youth and mentors in goal setting, physical activity, tutoring and community involvement to build confidence, maximize potential, and encourage healthy life skills.

- Bolder Options


Fast forward to 2018, Bolder Options expanded its alumni program which gave young people amazing opportunities for growth and learning through trips to places like the BWCA and Montana.

Noelle's story is just one of many positive experiences youth have had thanks to the mentorships made possible by Bolder Options.  It isn't just the mentee that gains something from it...sometimes the experience is life-changing for the mentor as well.

Everything You Need To Know About Tailgate, a Free Event in Rochester, Minnesota to Support Bolder Options

  • WHEN: July 13th, 2024
  • WHERE: Mayo Civic Center
  • WHAT: Enjoy delicious food trucks, meet and greet with athletes, live music from Incognito, a silent auction, activities for the kids and much more.
  • COST: This FREE event is open to the public 🎉. There will be items that you can purchase at the event that will go to help raise funds for Bolder Options.
  • RSVP TODAY:  The event is free to attend but to help with planning, please RSVP here.
    • Roo Yori
    • Ben Williams
    • Marcus Sherels
    • Darrell Thompson
    • Randall McDaniel
    • Rickey Young
    • Michael Restovich
    • Jim Petersen
    • Rickey Foggie
    • 5:00 Food vendors, Henna, kids activities, grab bags, silent auction all begin!
    • 5:15 Autograph signings
    • 5:30 Music by Incognito (set1)
    • 6:00 Bolder Options speakers
    • 6:15 Music by Incognito (set 2)
    • 6:55 Dog Demos with “Let’s Train! Agility”
    • 7:25 Silent Auction ends
Credit: Jessica On The Radio/TSM
Noelle and Jessica On The Radio at Townsquare Media Rochester. Credit: Jessica On The Radio/TSM

Special Note Just For Noelle...

Noelle, I know that the studio can be a bit intimidating at times.  I know what it feels like when your voice is starting to quiver when the words are just hard to get out because emotions are taking over.  And I know how frustrating it can be to say words over and over again to try to make things sounds just a little bit better.  All of the obstacles that you faced in the studio...I have those too.  Please know that you were amazing behind the microphone.  Your voice was pure confidence and I am so proud of you for being brave and sitting in the studio with me to share a brief part of your story with the world.  I hope to see you in the studio again!  You just let me know when.

- Jessica On The Radio

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