Last night there was a very special moment for an Ellendale man in Owatonna. Spare Time Entertainment shared a snapshot of the reaction to that moment on their Facebook page. Dan Mischke of Ellendale was awarded with an Iron Man award for his dedication to his bowling league while at the same time battling lung cancer. 

The post of Dan and his plaque and another showing all the friends and family who surprised Dan at the event is something to remember.

"Tonight was a very special night for one man in particular, a man that has been bowling at Spare Time for about 20 years. Tonight Dan Mischke came to bowl on league night like he always does and to spend time with those he shares the same passion with. What he didn’t know is that there were friends and family gathered to recognize him as the “Iron man” that he is and present him with the Iron Man award. Dan is battling lung cancer and still bowls league every week and is very deserving of this honor! All of us at Spare Time love seeing your smiling face each and every week and we love your passion for this sport !!!"

I don't personally know Dan, but we do have a mutual acquaintance and that guy is a good time so I know Dan must be fun. But in case you needed a reminder, Dan, you are an Iron Man.

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