A Minnesota man thought he could stave off his embarrassment after shooting himself in the leg yesterday. One way to maybe not make headlines or have a bunch of people notice, maybe don't call the cops. But that is what a 20-year-old guy from Wyoming, Minnesota did. Then rather than telling the cops it was him who did the shooting, decided to fabricate a story involving a person who didn't exist. 

The Wyoming Police Department posted on their Facebook page about the whole incident.

According to the Wyoming, MN Police Department, "The victim was unloading a handgun and it accidentally discharged shooting himself in the leg. In a panic, he threw the gun into a swamp and fabricated the story."

A retired firefighter who also is a diver was able to locate the discarded handgun in a swampy area using magnets.

The unnamed 20-year-old was arrested on Gross Misdemeanor Charges stemming from the fabricated story.

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