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Zada McCray is a single mother that gave up her teaching career in 2019 to focus on creating a small business. McCray deciding to start selling the fun crafts that she had been creating as gifts for friends and family and launched Zada's Vault.

The small business located in St. Paul sells custom items like shirts, hoodies, wine glasses, shot glasses, and greeting cards, and then when the pandemic hit Zada started making and selling coronavirus masks.


Zada's business has gone viral after a customer complaint was posted to social media. Below you'll see the complaint, but first, look at the invoice.

zadas vault - twitter

And now the complaint that everyone is talking about...

zadas vault - twitter 1
zadas vault - twitter 2

McCray says she is working hard to build her business up and hopes to one day open a store inside the Mall of America. You can check out the items she offers on her website. 

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