There need to be more people like Sydney in the world. Sydney, who is a 15-year-old in Edina, Minnesota, was working at an Eden Prairie McDonald's drive-thru window when she noticed a woman on the other side was in trouble. Thanks to Sydney's quick thinking she saved the woman's life.

Sydney re-told what happened to KARE 11. She said, "'I noticed that she was coughing profusely and her daughter just had this look on her face like sheer terror ... I could tell oh, crap, she’s choking!'" Thankfully, Sydney had taken a Red Cross first aid class a few years ago and remembered how to do the Heimlich maneuver.

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She proceeded to jump out of the drive-thru window to help the woman. She got the woman out of the car and told the woman's daughter to call 911. Unfortunately, Sydney wasn't strong enough to successfully do the Heimlich, but that's where her quick thinking came in again. She saw someone else in the parking lot, called them over, and with the help of this stranger they were able to get the food dislodged from the choking woman's throat.

I can't believe how quickly Sydney took action. I really hope that if I was in that kind of situation that I would also be able to think that quickly. The Eden Prairie police who responded to the 911 call were also really impressed. So impressed that they gave her $100! The Eden Prairie police told KARE 11 that every holiday season each officer is given $50 to give to someone who they think needs help or someone who they believe has gone above and beyond. They both thought Sydney was the perfect person to give their $50 to.

Sydney's parents, of course, are also impressed. They said that she was able to recall her first aid training from years ago because she has autism. "'[She] can recall anything she reads and hears'" her mom told KARE 11.

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