Today is a day that I'm just going to cry...and as you read this story, you are probably going to tear up a bit also.  #GrabAKleenex

Right now, my brother is hanging out at a hospital in Minneapolis as he is getting ready for a bone marrow transplant.  I can't physically see him for a few months - actually, I can't even use the bathroom in the lobby or stand in the lobby - but I can wave at him from the ground outside.  Let's just say, I stared at the front of his hospital A LOT as I waited for my mom who was inside with my brother this weekend.  But, because I had an up-close look at the building for a few hours, I recognized it right away in a news story that showed up in my newsfeed about a nurse inside that has terminal cancer and who is helping patients in pediatric of the floors where my brother is.

Erika Rucks, a Minnesota mom with three kids, has dedicated her life as a nurse and has been helping kids with their own battles and fight of cancer at the M Health Fairview University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital in Minneapolis.  The Today Show featured her back in February after she learned that she had incurable cancer.  During her battle, she has been showing up each day to work and still helping the kids with their own fights.

"Because I'm not just a wife. I'm not just a mom.  But I'm also a nurse.  That's just, It's part of who I am I.  I view it as I'm helping to cure their cancer so even if I can't cure my own, I'm gonna go out there and try to cure somebody else's." - Erika Rucks

The Today Show came back to Minnesota to visit with Erika and her family for a big surprise with a brand new Ford Explorer and $10,000 road trip experience for her family.  You can watch the entire surprise here.

I've got to wipe my tears and get back to work...but great big huge thanks to Erika and all of the nurses who are there inside this building helping those who are facing their huge fight.  So many family members would love to be by the sides of our loved ones right now but due to COVID-19, we aren't allowed. We can't even be in the lobby.  Thank you for all that you do and for being there. ❤️

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