They aren't flying off the shelf so fast we can say they went 'up in smoke', but Minnesota pet store chain Chuck and Don's will soon be selling a line of products that contain cannabinoids. Chuck and Don's made the announcement this afternoon that all 30 of it's locations will be selling 'CBD' (cannabinoid) pet products including pet treats. 

The CBD treats are meant to reproduce the health effects of the drug without the high.  The products are tested for quality control, and are made from natural hemp (not marijuana) and do not contain detectable amounts of THC.

Since the product is made from hemp, it is legal in all 50 states and has been touted as a potential natural solution for symptoms of anxiety and alleviating chronic pain. Two brands mentioned for sale in one online story are Super Snouts and Pet ReLeaf.

Chuck and Don's has locations in both Northfield and Rochester.

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