Raise your hand if you’ve thought about how you and your family would survive a hypothetical zombie apocalypse. I’m guessing there are a lot of raised hands out there, because I think about that all the time. My brother and I have had long conversations about this, once of which involved building a Pontoon Fortress on a lake. I’ve talked about it with my friends and coworkers. I clearly have a lot of time on my hands.

Because as weird as it is, it’s kind of fun to think about. How long would you be able to survive? Where would you go? What would be your weapon of choice? How long would it take me to pretend that I’m Daryl from The Walking Dead? (about five seconds)

It appears that a Minnesota teacher from Parkers Prairie High School had the same idea when he gave his geography class a writing assignment involving a zombie apocalypse. Apparently, it’s part of a nationally-recognized curriculum called “Zombie-Based Learning,” which gets students to think about how they would outsmart zombies using geographical thinking skills. That’s a cool idea, but it did come with a little controversy; the teacher included a question asking students to pick three people to sacrifice along with an explanation for each person.

As you might guess, some parents weren’t too happy about that. One student even refused to participate. After the school (and teacher) received more complaints about the assignment, it was eventually canceled.

I can see both arguments, but in the end, the teacher probably should have seen this coming. I still think it’s a cool assignment, but asking a bunch of high school students to name three people they’d end up sacrificing? Yeah, that seems a bit ripe for controversy.

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