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A devoted Minnesota Wild fan has taken his concerns about the team-- and its jerseys-- and filed a new petition that's active right now on change.org.

When it comes to social activism these days, signing a petition on the website change.org is one of the many ways to make your voice heard. Of course, a quick perusal of the change.org site and you'll find a TON of different causes, all seeking your support. Some seek profound change and attempt to right a 'wrong' in society. Others are concerned with lighter topics.

And so it is with THIS change.org petition started by Jalen Sneddeker. Jalen is, I'm guessing a big Minnesota Wild fan, and he'd like the Wild to permanently change their team colors from the dark green, red and white they've sported since joining the NHL back in 2000, to the green, gold and white colors that are featured in the Wild's 2020-2021 Reverse Retro Jerseys.

The Wild debuted these jerseys last November and are a throwback to the old Minnesota North Stars, the NHL team which called the State of Hockey home from 1967 until they moved to Dallas in 1993 (and broke Minnesota hockey fans' hearts in the process.)

According to the Wild website, the Reverse Retro Jerseys are "a unique combination of the North Stars' 1978 jersey with the current Minnesota Wild crest. This Reverse Retro jersey is the first time the beloved North Stars green and gold colorway has been worn by the Minnesota Wild," the team noted.

They ARE kinda cool looking. (And if you want your own, you can purchase one from Dick's Sporting Goods HERE) So cool, in fact, that Jalen wants the Wild to adopt that jersey and colorway full-time, starting with the 2021-2022 season. His change.org petition, which was created on Sunday, January 30, is seeking 1,000 signatures. And as of Tuesday morning, over 500 fellow Wild supporters had already signed the petition.

If Jalen hits that 1,000 supporter mark, I'm guessing he'll present the results to the Wild. But, of course, there's no guarantee the team will, in fact, change its colorway and jerseys to the Reverse Retro jersey. (Changing a professional sports teams' uniforms is a BIG deal, one that usually takes several years to do accomplish.) But it's kind of fun anyway. You can check it out-- and sign it, if you want-- HERE.

And, as long as we're talking about pro sports uniforms and jerseys, keep scrolling to check out how the logos and uniforms of Minnesota's other pro sports teams have changed over the years.

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