We can learn a lot of things thanks to Google trends. Based on people's Googling habits in each state, The Waycroft figured out the most popular wine in each state! I have to be honest, I'm not sure I've ever had Minnesota's most popular type of wine. I didn't even recognize the name when I saw it but my co-workers recognized it so maybe I'm just not well-versed in the wine world.

Wisconsin's Most Popular Wine

Based on Google trends, Wisconsin's favorite wine is sherry wine. I'm pretty positive I've had sherry wine before. I don't recall ever buying a bottle but I think I've tried it at wine samplings.

This is the best sherry on Total Wine's website based on customer reviews.

Total Wine
Total Wine
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Iowa's Most Popular Wine

Iowa's most popular wine based on Google trends is probably a favorite for many, it's a moscato. I think a moscato is an easy wine to grab when you're going to a party and you don't know what people like. Moscatos are good, don't get me wrong, but it's one of those kinds of wines you know for a fact everyone has heard of.

Based on expert reviews, this is the best moscato at Total Wine.

Total Wine
Total Wine

Minnesota's Most Popular Wine

Finally, Minnesota's favorite wine (based on Google trends) is chianti wine. I don't remember ever hearing about chianti wine before. Like I said, maybe that's just because I'm not well-versed in the wine world. Minnesota was the only state that has chianti as our favorite wine though.

This is the best chianti at Total Wine according to expert reviews.

Total Wine
Total Wine

The 3 Most Popular Wines in the Country

All three of the three most popular wines across the US are white wines.

Drum roll please...

The third most popular wine in the country is a riesling. The second most popular is pinot grigio. And the most popular wine in the country is... moscato! So Iowa is right there with the rest of the crowd loving moscato wine.

There are tons of places around southeast Minnesota to try different wines. Keep scrolling for the 19 wineries near Rochester.

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