Here in Minnesota, we know how to get stuff done. Problems are just solutions in work clothes. Proof of that is St Paul's new mom, Ashley Goette. She saved her husbands life, then brought new life into this the space of three days!

It started last week when Ashley heard her husband, Andrew, having a hard time breathing. 39 weeks pregnant she called 911 and started CPR, keeping her husband alive until the operator-led her thru CPR, keeping her husband alive until the EMT's were on site to take over.

The next day, Ashley was induced and learned her husband might not make it. Fortunately, Andrew eventually was holding his own, and his wife's hand. They wheeled the two of them into the same hospital room so they could be together until the birth. Which came the next day when Lennon Goette made his appearance to rave reviews and much applause.


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