I've been pulled over more times than I'd like to share. I can't say there is a single time that I would go out of my way to write a letter to thank the officer. I mean, I would definitely thank the ones that didn't give me a ticket (lol), but that's not the reason this woman wrote a letter. She wanted to recognize this cop for making her mistake an amazing experience for her kids.

I love stories like this. According to the police department's Facebook page, the mom, Abby, was driving with her whole family when she approached an area with a drastic change in speed. The cop pulled her over for speeding, but instead of giving her a ticket and sending her on her way, he took the time to educate her. He even gave the kids stickers. The kids thought mom being pulled over was pretty cool because of how this officer treated them. Check out her note below.

Do you have a cool experience with a police officer that you'd like to share?

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