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She drove drunk and was cited for DWI. But this Minnesota woman is now friends with the state trooper who arrested her.

If you like a story with a happy ending, you'll love this story. It's the tale of a woman in Minnesota who drove drunk-- with her young daughter in the car, no less-- and was arrested for DWI, but who is now friends with the officer who once arrested her.

KARE-11's Boyd Huppert explained more during the latest installment of his classic 'Land of 10,000 Stories' segment. It's the story of how Amy Martin of Bloomington was cited 10 years ago by Minnesota State Trooper Kristie Sue Hathaway after driving drunk along a stretch of Highway-77.

At the time, Hathaway was new to the patrol here in Minnesota and Martin had already been cited for DWI. So, when Hathaway saw the open bottle of vodka in Martin's car-- and her daughter in the vehicle as well, she was moved to say something more.

“I remember saying right before you got booked in,” Hathaway told Martin in Boyd's story, “'Please don't do this to your daughter. She needs a mom. I know because my mom left when I was 10.'”

And Martin took Hathaway's words to heart. The story says she worked through her demons, got sober, and returned to present Hathaway with her one-year sobriety pin a year to the date after she was arrested. And she kept visiting Hathaway every year on that date, each year celebrating another 365 days of sobriety.

The story notes that the two have become friends over the years, and how Martin just celebrated her 10th anniversary by visiting Hathaway and recounting how much things have changed since that fateful night when their paths first crossed.

It's an amazing story that you can see for yourself below. Well done, Amy and Trooper Hathaway! Speaking of feeling good, keep scrolling to check out some uniquely-Minnesota Valentine hearts that will put a smile on your face too!

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