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UPDATE (10/14/21 10:30 AM): The Minnesota Zoo announced this morning that Gladys the owl was found injured on the side of the road. Sadly, by the time the Zoo's veterinary team got to her she had already died.

"We’d like to thank the community for the tremendous outpouring of support and information they provided to aide in the search for Gladys," the Zoo said in a statement posted to Facebook.

Original Story:

It's not too often we hear about animals escaping a zoo, but one DID get loose from the Minnesota Zoo, and zoo officials are still searching for it.

I have to admit that I was a bit surprised when I read the post on the Minnesota Zoo's Facebook page about how they were searching for an animal that had escaped their campus in Apple Valley. You might hear of animals escaping zoos elsewhere-- but it usually doesn't happen here, right?

But when I read a little more, it made sense. The animal in question is Gladys, the Zoo's Eurasian eagle owl. And, according to the zoo, Gladys flew off to a tree during a routine exercise and training session and didn't return.

And, as far as officials with the Minnesota Zoo know, Gladys is still out there, in the vast wilderness that makes up the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Actually, the Zoo suspects that Gladys, who actually flew away back on October 1st, is most likely in the 485 wooded acres of property the zoo owns around its campus.

There are a few issues that are hindering the search for Gladys, BringMeTheNews said. First, owls are nocturnal and are most active at night. They usually roost during the day, and with their markings and coloring, are often very difficult to spot in wooded areas.

However, the zoo DID ask residents who live nearby their campus to keep an eye out for Gladys-- and to notify police if they spot her. The zoo pointed out that "Gladys does not pose a threat to public safety and we are proactively working with local wildlife agencies and authorities to assist in the search," the post said.

Gladys-- or any owl, for that matter-- would be a great example of one of those wild animals you can't really have as a pet. But they're not the only ones. Keep scrolling to check out other animals that are illegal to keep as pets in Rochester!

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