When I was younger I was one of the maniacs going way too fast on the highway. There's no sense lying about it- the statute of limitations has passed and I am now very, very old and I drive pretty slow now.

According to a recent survey from yougov.com, 40% of Americans think the left lane is for passing -or- driving fast. 40% of Americans are wrong.

Even as a dumb kid I knew that the left lane is meant for PASSING ONLY. It doesn't matter if you are going 85 in a 70 or whatever magic number you think justifies camping out in the left lane for miles at a time.

I have a family member that will set their cruise to 75 on the interstate and then refuse to move over when someone is coming up behind them. "I am going plenty fast, they can go around me."

People like that are the reason traffic even exists in the first place. Whether we like it or not, there will always be some maniac trying to go 95 down I-94, no matter what kind of principled stand you think you are taking by hogging the left lane.

Holding up the left lane causes people to cut others off to try to get in front of the left lane dweller, forcing people to hit their brakes and cause a chain reaction of slowing which eventually turns into traffic.

Again, in a perfect world people wouldn't drive 95 down I-94, but you aren't going to be the one to stop them. Just move over. The best-case scenario is the person cuts you off and speeds away, the worst case is a giant road rage incident that never ends well.

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