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Yeah, it's like the headline was taken right off a wrapper.

National Junk Food Day is coming up tomorrow, and the folks at Zippia used google trends to determine what each state's favorite junk food snack was.

"Using Google Trends, we determined which states were the most avid fans of each snack. We examined 45 different favorite snacks, given us a wide range of beloved foods. We, being sane reasonable humans, excluded gum and sodas from our pretend vending machine snack roulette. Hopefully, you don’t swallow gum. Plus, liquid isn’t a snack- it’s a liquid. We then selected a range of popular chips, cookies, candies, and a few other vending machine favorites."

Minnesota's favorite was a Snickers, which is a pretty delicious snack to have. It always seems to hit the stop when you are looking for a nice boost of energy at the golf course or at work.

Wisconsin's favorite was a Twix, Iowa loves Pringles, and apparently Sunflower Seeds are considered junk food in North Dakota. Take a look at the map below:

Map From Zappia
Map From Zappia

Oreos were the most beloved, with it being the favorite in five states (and the favorite in my household as well. Milk's favorite cookie is a legit snack. So good) Sorry for the tangent.

Sweet won over salty snacks in 29 of the states, with all of the -iots (Fritos, Doritos, Cheetos) all making the list.

Is the first thing Minnesotans want to grab off the snack shelf a snicker bar? Or is it just because Minnesotans make a mean Snicker Salad? The world may never know.

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