Google Trends says the number one show in South Dakota is Jon and Kate + 8, in North Dakota it is The Voice. What is it in Minnesota?

I'll tell you what Minnesota's number one reality show is...The Bachelor!

I'd say, "Ugh", but from what I've overheard (because I am SO an eavesdropper, you never know when a radio bit'll come your way), The Bachelor lovers know trash when they see it, but they love it anyway, because it's fun. You know, like people that used to watch soap operas (are there any actually on the air anymore?).

The number two Minnesota Reality Shows is far more troubling. To me, anyway.

Number two is Hoarders! That show genuinely bothers me. I know they have a counselor there, blah blah blah. Basically, I think it's putting people with a disorder on display. "Look! Be Amazed and disgusted! See all the stuff they have? How disgusting!" is the theme every. Single. Time. I've never felt they were about helping people. Just exploiting them, like a carnival side show.

BT Dubs, #3 is Project Runway.