Hearing "school's closed today" is music to most students and staff members. But, miss too many days and you have to make 'em up or miss a ton of funding. So, the Minnesota House and Senate have been working on a way to help our schools.

Basically, the bill would let school districts count 3 snow days as actual school days. There's been some back and forth, and negotiating, but basically, that's the deal. The MN House just passed a revised version, and now the MN Senate will take it up. Which could mean the Governor will have a chance to sign it soon.

For some school districts, three days barely cut into the snow-day count, and those students and staff will likely be spending a lot of time making up those days so they don't lose funding for not meeting the 165 instructional day rule.

Want to track the bill? See bill numbers and such here.

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