Let's be honest...kids'll eat ANY ice cream, from Haagen-Dazs® to yellow snow (it looks like lemon ice cream!). The same rule that governs chicken nuggets and pizza rules for ice cream, so if you're going to celebrate National Ice Cream Day, make sure you go someplace where YOU will love the ice cream.

After heavy research and taste-testing (so much taste testing...just to be sure, you understand). here are the official Top Five Ice Cream Shops for Adults in Minnesota.

  • Of course, they're number one. Not only are they super local and super good, but they have their own vintage ice cream truck (see the truck's schedule here). Oh, and they've been rated the best in the state! Read the whole story here.

Food and Wine Magazine has named Flapdoodles Homemade Ice Cream in Rochester, MN as the best in the state!

  • Location is part of it because you're enjoying ice cream and watching the freighters on Lake Superior. I'm not a malt fan, but my friends say they're fantastic. I've had the milkshakes, and it's a straw-suck of heaven every time.
  • Serving Bridgeman's Ice Cream, when you go to Lanesboro, ending your Root River Trail bike or hike here is a must.  Also, great for post-antique shopping and as desert following lunch or breakfast at Spud Boy Diner (looking around, can't tell if Spud Boy is open., it was in 2018 when I had breakfast there.)
  • I'm not a snob...it doesn't have to be real ice cream to make this list. It's for adults, and in Moorehead, the DQ has been open since 1949. The Dilly Bar was invented there (see my blog on that, here), and it features a lot of old school DQ treats like Monkey Tails, Mr. Malties, and more. Visiting the Moorhead DQ is visiting history, and indulging in a pile of nostalgia. Plus, they open March 1 of every year (snow or shine). 

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