As a regular feature on the show, I look thru Craigslist: Missed Connections to help a few people find that everlasting love. Today was the Christmas Edition, and I was so happy to find a poem with the word booty!

Here are the C:MC's from this morning...scroll down to hear the whole segment with James and Tracy.

Mikey - w4m (ROCHESTER)
You lived in the blue and white house down the street from me and ur dog buster bit my oldest brother . we were bffs and you moved away when we were young I had 3 brothers and u had one of love to reconnect!!!

Family video - m4w (Rochester)
body: skinny
You were working at Family Video tonight at 4:40. I thought you were quite beautiful and friendly. If you are single I would love to take you out some night. If you read this and it is you....respond with what the police officer was talking to you about right before you checked me out.

Great Clips - Man for Woman

Silver lake was nearby
You looked at me and said, "hiiiiii"
I knew at once you were the one
Even tho you had a really annoying son

JK, the kids ok with me
as long as we get time to be we
i would love to take you by the hand and do my duty
even tho you don't have much booty

no, i'm just playin' you are fine
and for Christmas, I hope you'll be mine
We can play until new years
and if it don't last, there won't be tears

cuz at least we got thru the holidays smiling

JUST FOR ADULTS Missed Connection below video.

I think this one needs some ironic editing.

---bubble butt milf at work - m4w (rochester) single
Everytime you walk across the job sight your hot a-- drives me crazy. Sure would like to slap that fine thing.

---bubble butt milf at work - m4w (rochester) single
Why does your heart not melt when I whistle.
Why do you not run to my arms when I yell, "Wanna see my missle...toe?"