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This poor dog named Ivy went missing from her Sioux City, Iowa home. She got out of her backyard along with the owner's other dog, Calypso. Ivy was missing for 3 weeks but then she was found 100 miles from home in Omaha, Nebraska. That's quite the trip for this black lab pitbull mix!

Ivy was found because she had approached an Omaha homeowner looking for food, according to Fox News. The homeowner "worked with an animal control officer to lure her into a garage." The Nebraska Humane Society then took her in to take care of her.

When Ivy was found she was in really rough shape. She was about 29 pounds, down from her typical weight of 40-45 pounds. She had also gotten one of her front legs stuck through her collar, which rubbed against her skin causing a wound that then became infected.

I feel so bad for Ivy, she must have been so scared! Thankfully the Nebraska Humane Society was able to connect her to her owner in Sioux City and they were reunited. Unfortunately, Calypso, a Bernese mountain dog, has not been found yet.

Lost Pets of Omaha Area actually used this opportunity to remind people that well-intentioned search groups for missing dogs can actually cause more problems. If all of a sudden there's a lot of people swarming the area where people have reported seeing a dog that's missing, that can scare the dog off.

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